Car, Truck & Auto Repair Shop Santa Rosa, Ca

We pride ourselves on high quality repairs in every category, large or small. Our Diagnostic Team will track down any problem and pinpoint its source, making sure we repair the root of any problem, so it won't come back.  

We'll never sell you on a repair you don't need, and always give it to you straight. We can do automotive repairs on any American or Foreign car, truck and vans.


How it's made Automatic transmission


Car & Truck Oil Change

We perform scheduled oil and filter changes, using nothing but the highest quality projects. Car & Truck Tune Up.

We'll give your hot-rod a good once-over, checking spark plugs, wires, fluids, tire pressures and more, we do it all!


Car & Truck Brake Repair

Checking the wear of your brake pads and also checking your brake rotors for warping.

Car & Truck Clutch Repair

Is your clutch slipping or making a bad smell when you take off? Bring your baby in and we'll take good care of her. Car & Truck Transmission Repair.

We can service all makes and models

Come on in for an estimate or give us a call with questions.


Standard Maintenance

Santa Rosa Performance knows the standard maintenance schedule for all cars domestic and foreign.

Shock Replacement

We can adjust, check or replace your shocks.

Mon - Fri: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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